Present Tense
Avoir and être
Practice the present tense of avoir (to have) and être (to be), two important French verbs.​ Students must decide between use of objects or adjectives in each sentence. $8.99
Present Tense
  Regular –er verbs
Present Tense 
Regular –ir verbs 

How to Play JubiLingua
The object of the game is to match subject, verb and other cards correctly to create as many (simple) sentences as possible. 

Players lay their cards on the table for others to see. In a spirit of lively competition, they take turns asking each other for a card (the player who is asked must give it up) or taking cards from the Free Pile. Once a card is used in a sentence, other players cannot request it.

Our decks: JubiLingua decks are the size, quality and durability of regular playing cards. Each 54-card deck comes in its own case with instructions. 
Conjugate present tense of -er verbs using visiter (to visit) and aimer (to like or love). $8.99
Congugate present tense of -ir verbs using finir (to finish) and choisir (to choose). $8.99
Present Tense
Regular –re verbs
Conjugate present tense of -re verbs using vendre (to sell) and entendre (to hear). $8.99
Passé composé
Verbe auxiliaire: Avoir 
You'll need 1 deck for:
  • every 1-4 students playing individually
  • every 6 students playing in pairs (3 teams of 2 students each)
Card games: 
Learn French!
Passé composé
Verbe auxiliaire: Être
Practice conjugating aller, arriver, rentrer, rester and revenir in passé composé​​ using ​êtrePlay with or without "y" cards (included). $8.99
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Practice conjugating acheter, choisir, perdre, trouver, vendre and voir in passé composé using avoir$8.99
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