FREE Games for Practicing French (ages 6 and up)
Help yourself to the games on this page! I created them for the French enrichment classes I taught for grades 1-6 but the games could serve as warm-ups or reinforcement activities for beginning French students of any age.​ If you download and use the games, please let us know what you think via our "Contact Us" page or Facebook! 

While you're here at the JubiLingua site, be sure to visit the Card Games page, where you'll find reasonably priced, award-winning card games to help students practice French verbs. The card games are for older students OR younger students learning to read and write French. ​ 
                                                                                                                                     - Katherine Nutt
1. Board game for practicing the weather
The file to the left includes the game board, spinners and instructions.

2. Color Bingo game 
​The file includes bingo cards for up to 30 students (two per page), call-out cards and instructions. The printing will require a lot of ink, so print only as many cards as you need. 

3. ABC Bingo
ABC Bingo is a fun way to reinforce French pronunciation of the alphabet. ​The file includes bingo cards for up to 30 students (two cards per page), letter call-out cards and instructions. Print on colored paper if possible.  When the game is over, have a spelling bee: Ask students to spell their names and other words!

4. French phrases "fortune teller"
​In this game students make a fortune teller (also known as a "cootie catcher") and practice asking and answering simple questions in French. A blank template is also included so you can add your own questions or phrases. 

Click on the links to the left to open and print the PDF files.
(Students color the circles and other parts themselves.)