"When my students play the games, they're engaged.... They're learning."
                      - French teacher

"These card games for learning French verbs fill a gap.... It's difficult to get students to memorize verb forms but these games turn learning grammar into fun."
  ​        - Amazon.com customer
Card games for French teachers and students
Make learning fun

Do your students have trouble conjugating verbs correctly? Help them master this important skill with JubiLingua, a card game that combines learning with fun.  

To play the game, students match subjects to verb forms—and add other cards—to make sentences. In addition to verb conjugations, each game reinforces use of definite/indefinite articles, possessive adjectives and negation.   

Designed for ages 12 and up (or younger students who are learning to read and write French), JubiLingua "keeps it simple" to allow students of all skill levels to play and succeed. No one is overwhelmed, feels left out—or tunes out. In classroom and one-on-one testing, students unanimously declared the game "fun" and said it improved their French skills.  

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JubiLingua is a "Brain Toy"! 

JubiLingua has received the Academics' Choice "Brain Toy" Award, a prestigious seal of educational quality reserved for the best mind-building media. For more information, visit JubiLingua's Academics' Choice Awards page.

Homeschool.com has endorsed JubiLingua with a "Top Curriculum" Award. Visit JubiLingua's product review at homeschool.com.

Highlights of reviewer comments:

"I'm always on the lookout for new teaching approaches. This game captivated my étudiants. It's serious fun. The added element of competition really engaged them. As a French teacher I highly recommend JubiLingua."
- Academics' Choice reviewer

"The cards were an effective and fun way to practice the language. Our family of four enjoyed it. It was challenging for our youngest son at first, but after a few game nights he's now winning almost every time. Even his teacher is impressed by his progress. He got an A on his last quiz!"
- Academics' Choice reviewer

"JubiLingua is a card game that makes learning French... well... 'un jeu'!....What a great idea: Apprendre le français avec votre enfant et vous amuser en jouant ensemble!
- Homeschool.com product reviewer

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